The Glasgow School of Art Choir Christmas cards were released in November 2017 and feature artworks by members of the Glasgow School of Art community. There are three designs in total and these can be purchased individually or in mixed packs.

Design 1 is by choir member, Natalie Humphreys, and contains a black and white photograph of Kelvingrove Park.

Design 2 features a striking photograph of the Mackintosh Building in the snow, taken by architecture graduate, John Robson.

Design 3 features a drawing by choir member, Gillian Duffy, of ‘The Winged Victory (Nike of Samothrace)’, which is held in The Glasgow School of Art collection.

This mixed pack contains 10 cards and includes all 3 designs. The packs come with white, ready-gummed envelopes. The message inside the cards reads “Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!”.

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